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Pricing Mastery
  • Complete Video Course: Complete Masterclass on increasing Amazon profits through pricing
  • Learn: How to increase your profits using every price hack in the book.
  • Users speak: "          (Thanks to Pricing Mastery) my profits have soared.  Thank you so much!"
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Book Sourcing:
1k In A Day
  • First of its kind course: look over the shoulder of an   Amazon seller as he makes $1,000 in one day
  • Captured live: One day. Nine sources. One book sourcing road trip. One thousand dollars. Every detail captured.
  • Stream or DVD: Choose your format.
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Software tools
Zen Arbitrage
  • Source inventory in your pajamas: Run an Amazon empire without leaving your computer.
  • World's most powerful online book arbitrage tool: Over 15 tools and technologies no other tool offers. 
  • Start instantly: 100% web-based, nothing to download.
  •  Full support: Huge video library and live chat with the experts.
1. Buy cheap books onAmazon.
2. Resell FBA.
3. Profit the difference.
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