"Outsourcing Amazon": Free Live Webinar
"My weird system for running an Amazon empire without ever touching inventory."

I Will Show You The Step-By-Step Formula For Automating The Three Hardest Parts Of Your Amazon Business

Friday, April 21st: Noon PST / 3pm EST
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Exactly how to outsource your
Have teams of people out sourcing books for you...

...and have profitable inventory delivered to your door. Imagine increasing your yield 10x, with 1/10 the work.

 I'll teach you how to do it.
Exactly how to outsource your repricing
Repricing is the single greatest revenue-per-hour part of your business. 

Fact: For FBA sellers, repricing software doesn't work. To get the most for your inventory, you must reprice manually. I'll reveal the simple system I use to outsource it to a virtual assistant (for $3 an hour).
Exactly how to outsource your listing
I'll solve the biggest choke-point of your Amazon business: Listing.

No one likes it. But it must be done. But it doesn't have to be done by you.
I'll teach you how to find both people and companies who will do it for you, and exactly how to train them.

Mick Jeco, Amazon seller
“I’ve learned more stuff from [Peter Valley's] books and column than I have from anywhere else, and his advice has brought me some serious money and helped me make the leap from a book-selling hobbyist to running a professional business.”

Blake, Online Selling Reviews
“If I had to name a person whom has been the most influential in transforming my life this past year for the better, it would be Peter Valley."

Bob D, Cleveland, Ohio

“Peter, let me say this - your books are by far the best books I have ever purchased-always packed with usable information that I have not found anywhere else. No fluff just solid strategies and advice."

  •  Automation Pillar #1: Outsourcing Your Sourcing
  •  Automation Pillar #2: Outsourcing Your Repricing
  •  Automation Pillar #3: Outsourcing Your Shipments
  •  How to double your Amazon business while doing half the work
  •  How to have teams of people getting inventory for you
  •  The "repricing software conspiracy" (and how to strike back AND make more money)
  •  Three ways to make money without ever touching a book
  •  How to find companies that will prep & ship your inventory for you
  •  Exactly how I hired a virtual assistant to do all my repricing
  •  Bonus: The "Integrated Profit Funnel" (This is the closest thing to free money I've ever found)
  •  Live Q&A (ask me anything)
  •  And tons more....